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1 Item 3 Ways: Moto Jacket

The moto jacket has definitely leveled up to become a closet staple over the last few years, shedding its rebellious origins and offering a beautiful counterpoint to a variety of other styles. With endless options in all materials and price points, moto jackets aren't going anywhere fast. When I work one-on-one with clients, the first step is to clean out and curate their wardrobe; the next step is to add meaningful pieces in. One of the benchmarks for bringing a new item into the wardrobe is that clients must be able to wear it at least three ways, which helps them really think and be selective about new wardrobe investments. Moto jackets will always evoke an it girl image with jeans and a tee but they are also more versatile than some may give them credit for.


This work look is relative to what you do but with more and more workplaces going casual these days, a moto jacket is a great opportunity to include a third piece for polish. The key for wearing one to work is to have an amazing fit and tailoring in all of your other outfit elements.


For weekend errands, comfort is paramount. The moto jacket in this look compliments the sweater outfit in two ways: by contrasting a more structured vegan leather fabric with the knit fabric and by contrasting a more tailored cut jacket with the loose cut of the sweater. The gold accessories help tie together a casual but elevated look.


Moto jackets are just as appropriate for a dinner out as they are for weekend errands. Here, the jacket and the ankle boots, which can feel a little too tough on their own, are softened by the pattern and style of the dress. The geometric jewelry makes everything else feel modern and brightens the darker mood of the outfit.


Tip: As with anything else, the key to a great moto jacket is fit and comfort. If the ones you have tried are too stiff or tailoring will be cost prohibitive, look for a sueded vegan leather version. These fabrics have the same visual impact with more stretch in the fabric.

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