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How to Style Luxury Consignment

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We all make excuses for our closets, but there’s no denying the familiar habit of buying the same booties every fall, realizing your whole closet is black, or returning home with a new top only to find three identical copies already in your drawers.

Worse yet, in the ever-changing times we are becoming more aware of fashion’s impact on global warming.

So now we have messy drawers, three of the same tops and melting ice caps?! It’s A LOT.

No fear, we’ve teamed up with stylist extraordinaire, Becky Garcia, to pick her brain on tips and tricks to streamline your closet and shop sustainably by styling consignment.

People shy away from consignment because it feels overwhelming — there are a lot of unique items and they don’t know how to work them into their current wardrobe — but consignment also gives you the opportunity to curate your closet with timeless pieces you love. If you’re new to shopping consignment, start by looking for a statement piece or a hero piece. Don’t worry, I’ll explain.

A statement piece helps differentiate you from others. It puts an interesting spin on what might otherwise be a basic clothing item. Don’t shy away from colors or patterns if you love them, they make for interesting statements! This burgundy IRO leather is a great example – it’s a bold color, but not too far out there because it’s a familiar cut, and can complement a lot of other items, from neutrals to fun patterns and other colors.

From weekends to office ready, it’s more versatile than you might think at first glance. Here it is styled for four different occasions.

A hero piece is an item that makes you feel your best every time you wear it. Your hero pieces will typically be neutral and should fit extremely well. I always recommend tailoring if needed but another bonus of having a designer consignment item tailored is that high-end items are typically easier for tailors to work with since they are well manufactured from the outset. The heroes are the chameleons of your wardrobe, pairing well with a variety of styles.

This black and white silk Diane Von Furstenberg top makes a great hero piece because it can be dressed up or down and it makes whatever it’s paired with look even more pulled together. It’s neutral but interesting.

When possible, I always recommend shopping consignment. It’s crazy, but on average, American women only wear 30 percent of the items currently in their closets.

So, to keep things simple, that means if you have 10 fast fashion items in your closet that average $35 each, then you have a total value of $350 – of which, $245 of which is completely wasted because it isn’t being worn. It’s well worth spending anywhere from $50 to $150 on a consignment piece you know you will wear to ensure you’re buying and wearing items you love.

Plus, shopping luxury consignment is a great investment because the pieces are high-quality and made to withstand time, so they will last you longer than the fast-fashion alternative. Wearing them multiple ways is the best way to do justice to the investment.

Give it a go! The Revury is my favorite go-to consignment shop. It’s locally based here in Orange County and all of its products are available online so you can filter for your size and favorite designers without having to dig through bins. Plus, free shipping and returns! I love supporting small, women-owned businesses, especially ones with such great deals.

When shopping, keep in mind your current closet. My rule for new clients is if they’re going to buy something new, it needs to go with at least three things already in their closet. Consider how that statement piece or hero piece works within the rotation you already have. Adding versatility while staying true to your voice is the heart of what I provide to my clients. If you want to book an appointment or consultation contact me at: or message me on Instagram at

And visit to shop all your favorite brands at up to 90% off retail prices!!

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