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1 Item 3 Ways: Chambray Button Down

Most of my clients already own at least one chambray shirt when I curate their closets and nearly every client that does asks me how to wear it. It often feels challenging to them because they live in jeans and don't necessarily want to go the route of the Canadian Tuxedo or they feel it's too casual for work but too tailored for the weekend. It's always challenging to re-imagine an item that has been hanging in your closet forever but if you love it and it's in good condition, it's worth the time to try styling it with other wardrobe pieces. Wearing clothing as many ways as possible keeps it feeling fresh, and honors your investment as well as the production process that went into making it.


Tired of French tucking your chambray shirt into skinny jeans? Try pairing it with a new silhouette. Flare denim offers a fresh alternative. Be sure you tuck the chambray shirt in all the way to create an elongating proportion with a defined waist line.


Opposites attract! While chambray is a very casual material, it offers a grounding contrast to playful sequins and stripes. Tuck the fitted striped shirt in and tie the unbuttoned chambray shirt at the waistline.

Stylist Tip: For the cleanest look, fold the chambray back shirttail up and inside the shirt.


Joggers aren't going anywhere any time soon. If you want them to feel more like a pulled together outfit, the key to styling joggers is to keep everything elevated but relaxed. Look for a pair in a high quality material - these sweater ones take them up a notch. French tuck the chambray shirt to maintain a visual waistline and top with an oversized blazer to add tailored elements. Classic shoes and jewelry bring everything together.

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