Perfect for anyone who feels they are in a style rut, looking to elevate her wardrobe, or simply wants a bit of a change.

 This collaborative process helps clients elevate and refine their personal style.


  • Free 30 minute initial phone consultation and a 2-hour video closet audit. This can be at the same time or we can schedule two different times.

  • We will edit your closet together, determining what works best for your lifestyle, proportions, and goals.

  • I will source my top 5 to 10 item recommendations for you that will enhance your wardrobe and coordinate with as many current pieces as possible.

  • I will assemble a lookbook of six outfits, incorporating as much as I can from your current wardrobe, as well as the recommended items. 

  • Free continued virtual support. As new items arrive, reach out if you have any questions about fit or other details.

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A great option for anyone looking for a personal stylist for specific events such as professional engagements, vacations, and weddings and other special occasions.


  • One hour initial phone or Facetime consultation to assess needs and anything you may currently have that will work well.

  • To ensure we are on the same page, I will make a list of item types for you to approve, then source items online for you to purchase within your budget.

  • I will send you wardrobe selection links currently available in your size.

  • Free continued virtual support. Reach out as you try things on if you have any questions about fit or other details.

For the health and safety of my clients, I am exclusively offering virtual wardrobe consultation and online personal shopping. Say hello for more details.


“What you do extends way beyond clothes. It’s a really self-confidence boosting experience and everyone needs that.”


“I pulled an outfit together the other day and received lots of compliments! I felt very confident and stylish. That was a first! People kept saying how nice I looked and I was thinking, ‘it’s just a Target tank top with jeans and a jacket …’ but because I followed your advice, it looked super polished. I was so thrilled!”

“Thank you, fairy Godmother of fashion.”

“I got a new job! And, a wonderful one at that -- thank you for helping me feel my best as I chart a new path!”

“ Now I know what I’m looking for. I’m very excited about buying clothes, and I feel more confident and better about myself. You are magical! Thanks for putting so much effort into me!”

B E C K Y  G A R C I A

Wardrobe Consultant