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Closet Clean Out: A Visual Guide

Since a lot of us are using this time at home to clean out closets, I wanted to provide a visual guide of essential questions I use with clients when assessing items that they are unsure about. I'm all about keeping things that you love and that make you feel happy and confident when you're wearing them so this is really for those items that are still there after a few clean outs and you aren't really sure why you keep holding on to them, as well as items you have had a while that still have tags. The best way to use this tool is to be as honest with yourself as possible as you answer each question with your unsure clothing item in mind.

One main question that I didn't include, which I always ask my clients, is "are you emotionally attached to this piece?" I absolutely never tell clients that they must get rid of something because my services are collaborative with the people that I help, and I am even more careful with the wardrobe items that are emotional. I will say that if it is an item with emotional attachment, such as your wedding gown, the robe you wore in the hospital for your newborn photo shoot, or an item from a loved one, I highly encourage you to preserve and pack it away so that when you do want to revisit it, it is in the best condition possible. The most respectful way to honor these pieces is to make sure they are well taken care of and getting ready is much less stressful when the only items easily available for you to grab in your closet or drawers are clothes in your current wearable rotation.

The other action I didn't include is tailoring. Tailoring can absolutely make or break an outfit and if you honestly believe that you will wear something once it's appropriately tailored, keep it for now in a separate area. A lot of us think of pant length as tailoring, but that is just one option. Tailors can, among other things, adjust shoulders, jacket and skirt darts, and skirt and shirt lengths. Once services are back up and running, make that appointment as soon as possible. Give yourself a deadline "I will make an appointment within 30 days of services reopening," and stick with it. If, after that, you realize you'll likely not get it taken care of, it's okay to let go of the item.

Should you have any questions or if you're interested in virtual styling services at this time, contact me.

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